Velox version 0.0.3 - February 14, 2010

I thought it was about time for a new release of velox, so here is velox-0.0.3.

You can download velox-0.0.3 here: velox-0.0.3.tar.bz2.

What's New?


Preliminary EWMH Support

Using Arnaud Fontaine's excellent XCB EWMH library, I started adding support for EWMH. This is still a work in progress and only a few properties are supported right now, but I will improve this over time.

Currently, the following EWMH atoms are supported:


My current goal is to get EWMH to a point where external panel applications like fbpanel will run.

I am anxious for Arnaud to officially release his library so it is easier for others to install.

Alsa Mixer Module

I've added an alsa mixer module which adjusts volume through key bindings. The audio device and mixer are configurable via velox.conf. The default key bindings for this module are as follows:

  • XF86AudioMute: Mute the mixer
  • XF86AudioRaiseVolume: Raise the volume by 5%
  • XF86AudioLowerVolume: Lower the volume by 5%


I've also worked on several other features including:

  • A more flexible hooks system. This was very helpful for implementing some EWMH features because the properties need to be updated when certain things happen.
  • An xsession file so that display managers such as kdm give velox as an option when logging in.
  • Cleaning up printing/debug info, and made debug info optional
  • Layouts now arrange the windows on a given area of the screen. This allows the possibility for features such as overscan adjustment or side panels.

Bug Fixes

Better defaults

I decided that not everybody uses urxvt and mpd, or wants a wallpaper set from a folder in their home directory, so I have adjusted the default configuration files hoping that it will now work for a larger proportion of systems.


  • The MPD module now attempts to reconnect if the connection has an error.
  • Cleanup after a fatal error.
  • Free allocated colors when exiting.
  • Stop using deprecated names for atoms.
  • Add some comments


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