Velox version 0.0.2 - February 1, 2010

Today, I released version 0.0.2 of velox. Despite being only a couple of days away from 0.0.1, I have implemented some cool new features, and fixed some annoying bugs.

You can download it here: velox-0.0.2.tar.bz2.

What's New?


I'll start off with features because they are more exciting.

New MPD Module

I added an mpd module which connects to an mpd daemon and binds the XF86Audio* keys to the appropriate functions in mpd.

Module Configurabity

All of the modules are now configurable! (Well, at least ones that make sense). They are configurable in the following ways:

  • layout_tile: The default state (master factor, master count, column count) for the tile layout.
  • spawn: All commands run by the spawn module are set in the configuration file.
  • wallpaper: The path to look for wallpapers.
  • mpd: The mpd daemon host, port, and timeout values.

Any module which wishes to be configurable can do so by implementing a configure function of one argument, a yaml_document_t *. The document that gets passed is retrieved from the documents following the first in velox.yaml.

Here is the configuration for an example module:

%YAML 1.1
# ...
# blah blah, all the usual stuff goes here
# ...
--- !velox:example_module # The subsequent documents should be tagged like
                          # this with the module name.
# Anything you want goes here. This will be the contents of the document
# passed to configure


There have also been numerous miscellaneous improvements.

  • Window border size is now configurable
  • Keybinding functions can now have arguments passed to them
  • Use a standard pointer for the default cursor. (Sorry Gumby!)
  • The default keybindings are now optimized for a qwerty keyboard. (I wanted to appeal to the masses :P)
  • Modules can now be enabled or disabled at runtime

Bug Fixes

  • Applications like gVim, now work correctly. The problem was due to the incorrect handling of configure request events.
  • Various memory leaks are now fixed. A quick run through valgrind showed me where I did not free xcb replies. Most of these are now corrected.
  • Keybindings which used XCB_MOD_MASK_ANY now behave correctly.


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