My name is Michael Forney. I recently graduated from UC Berkeley, majoring in EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and minoring in mathematics.



I've been using Linux as my primary operating system since around 2005. I've tried a variety of distributions and my favorite is Exherbo by far.

As of November 2013, I am one of the core developers. I maintain a developer repository for various packages that interest me.


Programming is another one of my hobbies. I spend most of my free time working on various projects but I don't ever seem to be able to work on all of them at once, so I tend to rotate between them.

My current project focuses include:

  • swc: A simple Wayland compositor in library form, suitable for implementing a Wayland display server.
  • wld: The rendering library behind swc, with several backends including a pixman software renderer, and a native intel hardware renderer.
  • velox: Formerly a tiling X11 window manager, now a Wayland compositor using my swc compositor library.

Rock Climbing

I started climbing around two years ago, and it has since become one of my favorite hobbies. I mostly do bouldering, and am currently around the V6-V7 level.

Here I am climbing Iron Man Traverse (V4) at The Buttermilks in Bishop:


Here is my awesome Organic bouldering pad:


Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has been a major hobby of mine for several years now. My current bike is a completely custom 2011 Banshee Rune, assembled from parts by me.



You can reach me by emailing mforney at mforney.org, or through XMPP at mforney at mforney.org I'm also almost always in Freenode under the nickname tridactyla.

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